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I AM WELL Helping people enhance their overall mental health and well-being.

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I AM WELL: Helping people enhance their overall mental health and well being.

Care for the Whole Person, body, mind and spirit.

 We live in a world that has taken an 'illness approach to mental health' for some time. 

At least one in ten Americans is prescribed psychotropic medication. Side effects are common and can be extremely uncomfortable, making restoration back to normal challenging for many.

Mental health is more than medication. We all have thoughts, emotions, feelings and there are proactive ways to navigate all these to optimize our lives. Adopting a preventative approach to our mental well-being is essential to navigate life's challenges. 

Fortunately we live in a new era where innovative holistic strategies are available to help us on our mental health journey. And even if you've been afflicted with a significant mental health condition, there is hope.


Anyone who desires to optimize mental health and well-being.

Also anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, recent or past history of trauma, brain fog, lack of motivation, perfectionism, difficulty focusing.

What if I am high functioning?

Many people we care for are very high functioning and are able to lead even more fulfilling lives. Many are dedicated to peak performance and achieve desired results.  

What if I’ve been spinning my wheels?

You will get a sense of direction to get your life back. You will need to make a conscious commitment but the goal is for you to flow with ease and live with passion. When you love what you do and know who you are, you do not approach life with dread but engage in it fully with joy and vitality.

What if I have physical problems?

There is a strong body-mind connection so underlying unresolved physical issues may be addressed. We recommend you stay in touch with your health care provider as well.

About Dr Mary

Mary Zennett Zesiewicz, MD is Board Certified in Adult, Adolescent, Child Psychiatry and has been in practice for 35 years. Dr Mary is a Certified Integrative Psychiatric Provider with the Integrative Psychiatric Institute. She is licensed with the Professional Wellness Alliance. 

Dr Mary is passionate about wellness, healing and restoration and has a heart for humanity.

Dr Mary offers free healthy lifestyle tips on her Facebook page Mary Zennett and has a You-Tube podcast Dr Mary Zennett- hope to see you there